The new Wanshang Hotel in Beijing

Everyone who’s been in Beijing with the Carnival remembers the “Wanshang Garden Hotel” we stayed in 2004 and 2005. I was just happened to pass by around Babaoshan area in Beijing and that is the hotel I discovered.

It is no longer the Wanshang we used to know and it is even called differently now – Mercure Wanshang Hotel. It is not open yet, but it is ready to receive the guests. It will be the official hosting hotel for the cyclists during the Olympics if I’m not mistaking. They have changed the look of the hotel completely and even added a new wing to the west side, but there’s still something there that keeps remembering of us:

Yes! After 3 years it’s still there! They completely changed the hotel, but the parking sign it’s still there. I looked through my extensive photographs archive and I found pictures of the hotel from last summer when it was still under construction and some pictures from 2005. Below you can see how the hotel looked over the years:


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