I can has cheezburger

I’ve also discovered recently the ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.com and wasted some of my not so precious lately time there. If you haven’t heard yet of this amazing site about cats be sure to check it out as it is one the funniest things I’ve seen in the past few days. The site is actually a blog with posts being composed of images of kitties and lolspeak captions for them. It was created in January 2007, when Eric Nakagawa (a blogger from Hawaii) posted an image of a smiling gray cat with the caption: “I can has cheezburger?” After posting a few similar images, Nakagawa converted the site to a blog and that’s how it all began.

It has become quite a phenomenon and currently tops the most funniest blogs on the net getting over 2,5 million page views a day, it has it’s own fan clubs, developed a funni kitteh language called “Speak lolspeak” and the project is short known as ICHC. Although it is the “cats land” other animal-lol’s are presented like dogs, rabbits, horses, raccoons, etc. Another sister-site entitled “I has a Hot Dog!” was launched which features mainly dogs.


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