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Just 4 days ago I was writing an article about new browser from Google – Chrome: “Meet the fastest internet browser – Google Chrome” and yesterday already I was launching and announcing my own project called – Chromable at Check it out!

The idea of having a blog dedicated to Google Chrome hit me when I was writing the article (7/09), I thought of a domain name first, but as usually all the good names that came to my mind were already taken. Among the ones that I tried was and a few other, but then I came up with a brilliant idea as I think – Chromable! – it sounds well, it’s easy to remember and you can understand it’s about Chrome and all the chromable things.

Next day (8/09) I bought the domain name and set up the hosting. One day later (9/09) the web-site was up and running with some articles already, but nobody knew about it yet. Also I designed the logo that day, which I’m very pleased with by the way. Yesterday (10/09) I announced the web-site to the public and started promoting it, submitted it to major serach engines and directories. Today I worked a bit more on the site’s design, added up the icons and stuff, but most importantly continued with SEO, feeds and added up a few plugins. Still a lot of things need to be done and more valuable content will need to be added if I want this resource to become popular. Probably will concentrate on articles tomorrow already.

So, what is about you might ask? It supposed to be a place for you do find the best Google Chrome ad-ons, plugins, themes, tutorials and all sorts of resources for the newly launched browser. So, if you need any of these – you’re more then welcomed to visit it. The site is fresh and look very web 2.0!

The online community of fellow Chrome users is growing quickly and I’m not the only one with the idea of a blog or a forum created specifically for Google Chrome, many other web-sites with this very same topic appeared in the early days after Google’s announcement of Chrome. I admire all them dedicated people who are working on special programs for Chrome, designing themes, maintaining forums and writing blog stories and I created a small directory of web-sites related to Google Chrome – The Web Directory of Google Chrome web-sites. Among these resources I would mention ChromeSpot (the most active forum for Chrome) and a very original site by name which also have a good content. .me! – the new domain name advertised by every domain name seller recently – brilliant idea!

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