My Last Cigarette!

This morning I received an email from Cameron in Philippines with a link to a new “Shoeboat Shorts” production featuring myself. So, that is how I quit smoking! And that is my last cigarette…

Thank you Cameron! I enjoyed the movie same as quitting smoking. 🙂 I see you’ve done a bit of research on Moldova too… Cheers mate!
As for me now, it’s been over 4 months (113 days exactly) since I became a non-smoker. And I will continue to remain so. Thanks to Allain Carr and his book about the easy way to quit smoking and thanks to this post on forum.
As for other things you can do with the money you would have spent on cigarettes – you can go to a racecourse and bet them all. Because that’s what I’m going to do right now. I have to go, the race in Sha Tin will start in 18 minutes.


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